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WELCOMING new patients in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.

July 16, 2015

The Top Dentist, Albuquerque, NM Trusts

ThinkstockPhotos-500162071Maybe you’ve always assumed you’d have to get dentures one day. Your grandparents had them, your parents seem to be well on their way, and you’ve just accepted that your teeth will be gone one day so you should enjoy them while they last. That may have been true even a decade ago, but more and more people are able to retain their natural smile with regular preventive care. Dr. Monica Boehmer wants all of her patients to keep their beautiful smile for a lifetime, and is dedicated to providing the most thorough, technologically advanced preventive care available. If you want to schedule an appointment with the best Albuquerque general dentist, contact us today.

Best Albuquerque Dental Office

According to DemandForce reviews more than 98% of our patients would refer us to their friends and family, and we’re proud of that. They refer to us because we dedicate ourselves to providing excellent treatment and care to every patient, every visit. Every patient is unique and has their own dental priorities.  We listen and build the treatment plan with each patient. Our team is knowledgeable and friendly, and our patient’s comfort and satisfaction are our first priorities. That’s why where other practices offer the bare essentials, we offer you thorough, exceptional care starting with your new patient appointment (see more on this next month) and continuing with your six month checkups and cleanings, which we call hygiene maintenance.

Checkups From Your Albuquerque Dental Office

Hygiene Maintenance – Some of you may have noticed that we call the semi-annual cleaning appointment a hygiene maintenance appointment.  Now you may be wondering why we renamed the cleaning/checkup appointment.  We feel that just calling the appointment a cleaning/checkup appointment does a disservice to what we really do, and reduces the value of the appointment to you, the patient.  Let’s take a detailed look at what we accomplish during this appointment.  Besides cleaning your teeth and taking required x-rays, we take your blood pressure and record that information in your record.  By comparing the current numbers to the past, we can see trends, and may be able to spot early onset of high blood pressure.  We conduct an oral cancer screening and again record the results in your record.  Again, by comparing current findings to previous results we may be able to detect problem areas and advise you to see a medical specialist.  We take an in-depth look at your periodontal condition, a periodontal analysis, probing the tissue around each tooth looking for pockets caused by bacteria, and record this information in your record.  This information will allow us to recommend the best treatment for you, in order for you to get the best oral health you can get.  Our hygienist then uses the intraoral camera to educate you on the conditions they observed.  The other in-office technology available for use is the DIAGNOdent.  This is a laser that can detect a cavity (caries) before they are visible to the naked eye.  If we find you have some level of periodontal disease, we’ll include gum disease treatments like Arestin for antibiotic treatment or scaling and root planing as part of your regular treatment. If you’re struggling with caries (tooth decay) no matter your age, including a fluoride treatment or dental sealant as part of your teeth cleaning can help protect your teeth from further decay.  The final step is for Dr Boehmer to conduct an exam.  The purpose of this exam is to compare previous notes and findings to the current findings, provide further patient education, and update your treatment plan.  Additionally, you get the opportunity to tell Dr Boehmer about your dental goals.  As you can see, we accomplish a lot more in our hygiene maintenance appointment than a simple dental cleaning.  We do this because we truly care about you, and want to help you achieve the best health, including your oral health, that you can.

In addition to these preventive care services, Dr. Boehmer offers a comprehensive exam which begins with a tooth by tooth inspection leading to an overall big picture assessment of how your teeth, bone, muscles, joints, and ligaments work together. This comprehensive exam may lead to a more in-depth bite assessment (screening for Bruxism, TMJ, etc.) using another piece of in-office technology, the T-Scan. If all that weren’t enough, Dr. Boehmer can also perform numerous dental maintenance procedures right away including periodontal treatment, fitting for night guards, and breath treatment with CloSYS II® . We also have an extensive range of dental health services for the whole family including cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and dental implants. No matter your oral health, with few exceptions, we can return, restore, or improve your smile.

This added level of preventive examination, helps our team to identify potential problem areas, and customize our treatment plan for each patient. Whatever your specific needs, we will work with you to plan in-office and at-home preventive dental care that fits your lifestyle.

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Everyone deserves to keep their smile for life, and adequate preventive oral health care can keep the smile on your face. Don’t settle for a dental office that provides “okay” dental care, contact Dr. Boehmer for the best dental care in Albuquerque. Our friendly, comfortable office welcomes patients from surrounding areas including Rio Rancho, Placitas, Santa Fe, Edgewood, Los Lunas, and Belen.

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