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December 16, 2015

Convenient Same Day Crowns from the Dentist Albuquerque Trusts

Repair your smile with convenient same day crowns and smile restorationsDental crowns are a commonly used restoration for patients who have suffered severe dental trauma, tooth decay, root canal infection, and even tooth loss. By covering remaining dental structure, crowns protect damaged teeth from further harm, and provide restored function and appearance to patients’ smiles. For many years, patients needed two separate visits (sometimes as much as a month apart) to complete this procedure, but thanks to the same day smile restoration technology at Dr. Monica Boehmer’s Albuquerque dental practice, patients can restore smiles in a single visit.

Albuquerque Same Day Crowns with CEREC and E4D

Traditional dental crowns required at least two appointments. An initial appointment where the dentist prepared the affected tooth to receive a crown, and took impressions used by a dental lab to create the custom restoration. Then, a temporary crown was placed. Once the custom crown was completed, the patient returned for a second appointment where the temporary was replaced with the permanent crown.

Thanks to the CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) and E4D (Evolution 4 Dentistry) systems, Dr. Boehmer and her dental team are able to provide an alternative single visit crown. Both systems are computer aided design/manufacture (CAD/CAM) devices. By incorporating high definition digital dental images and impressions with on-site, computer aided milling, CEREC and E4D allow patients to come in with a damaged tooth, and leave with a flawless smile. The process works essentially the same way traditional crown placement does. The patients’ tooth is prepared, and images and impressions are sent for manufacture, but rather than leave the office while a lab mills the restoration, patients wait as the crown is milled. The final product is placed at the same visit.

The Benefits of Single Visit Restoration

  • Save time – While your single visit is going to require a longer time commitment, there’s no need for numerous appointments saving significant time over the course of treatment.
  • More comfortable – There’s no need to wear a temporary restoration that may not be as comfortable, and there’s less time spent undergoing dental procedures.
  • Look better – There’s never a gap in your flawless smile with same day treatment. Come in with damage or decay, and leave with a custom milled smile restoration.
  • Better for teeth – Because traditional crowns require the placement of a temporary, the tooth has to sustain twice as much work. The preparation of the tooth, placement and removal of a temporary, and finally the placement of the custom restoration. By removing the added temporary crown stage, the health of the affected tooth is better protected.
  • Better fit – Because we mill each restoration on-site, we are able to customize restorations on demand right in our office.

Contact Your Albuquerque Dental Office to Find Out More

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Dr. Boehmer and her Albuquerque dental team restore smiles in just one visit, contact us today. We’re happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation appointment.

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