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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Albuquerque

Have you lost a tooth or several teeth because of advanced tooth decay, gum disease, or an injury? Replacing those teeth is critical to maintaining your oral health and your morale. A crown and bridge prosthetic is an excellent option for tooth replacement.

The Problems of Missing Teeth

Just one missing tooth can threaten the health of other teeth. For example, people with missing teeth are more prone to have decay in their remaining teeth. Also, teeth stay in alignment because adjacent teeth keep them in place. When a tooth is missing, the other teeth are more likely to shift from their standard position, which can eventually lead to uncomfortable bite problems.

In addition to the oral and dental health problems that can result from missing teeth, many people suffer psychological stress, too. That hole in your smile can make a person self-conscious. Some people begin to avoid speaking, smiling and even eating in the company of friends and family when they have missing teeth. Dr. Boehmer can help you restore what you have lost with a custom-made crown and bridge.

Receiving a Crown and Bridge

Also known as a fixed bridge, this special restorative service is made up of three parts: a prosthetic tooth or connected prosthetic teeth, plus two abutment crowns. Taken all together, they will help you fill in your smile’s gap.

Dental Crowns

During the course of your procedure, your abutment crowns will be attached to the healthy teeth on each side of your missing tooth. To ensure the proper fit of these crowns, Dr. Boehmer will gently file away some of the natural tooth structure. Just enough is removed from the sides and top to allow the crown to fit evenly between adjacent teeth and against opposing teeth; your bite should feel completely natural once the permanent crown and bridge are placed.

After the abutment teeth are prepared, we’ll take an impression and place a temporary prosthetic to protect the teeth and fill in the gap. This impression is also what our cosmetic dental lab uses to fabricate your permanent restoration. When this arrives in our office after a couple of weeks, you’ll come back to have Dr. Boehmer cement your dental crown and bridge into place. Once your procedure is complete, your crown and bridge will improve chewing and speaking ability, and keep surrounding teeth from drifting out of alignment.

Get the Dental Bridge Albuquerque Smiles About

Don't let a missing tooth affect your oral health. Talk to Dr. Boehmer about restorative care with a crown and bridge in Albuquerque. With your new tooth in place, you can enjoy better oral health and confidence again. Our relaxing, northeast heights Albuquerque dental practice is easy to access.