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Occlusal Adjustments & TMJ Therapy Treatments

Do you routinely struggle with a sore jaw, headaches, or a sense that your teeth just don't quite fit together like they should? All of these are signs that you might need an occlusal adjustment.

The word occlusion refers to the way your teeth fit together. In patients with good occlusion, teeth fit together properly; in patients with bad occlusion, teeth don't fit together properly. An occlusal adjustment is designed to help patients in the latter category find relief from uncomfortable symptoms and enjoy better oral health.

There are different ways to adjust a patient's occlusion. One might be orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. Another might involve TMJ therapy with an oral appliance. As your dentist for the Albuquerque area, we would be happy to complete a full examination of your smile and recommend a specific treatment plan. Simply call our office to schedule your consultation.

Don't let an misaligned bite disrupt your oral health.