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Dental Inlays & Onlays for Albuquerque Smiles

Restorative Dentistry Treats Decayed & Damaged Teeth

Do you need restorative dental care for a decayed or damaged tooth? For some cases, treatment may be as simple as a filling, while in others a crown might be necessary. But what about cases requiring something in between both of those options?

For teeth that need specialized care, Dr. Boehmer offers inlays and onlays, which are similar to fillings, but they’re milled from porcelain the way crowns are. An inlay is made specifically to fit in between the bumps on top of a tooth (which are called cusps), while onlays are made to fit over one or more of these bumps.

In your first appointment, Dr. Boehmer will prepare your tooth and take an impression. Our lab will then use this impression to create your fully customized inlay or onlay. Finally, at your second appointment, your temporary will be removed and the finished product will be fixed in place, followed by any necessary polishing or modifications.

With your new inlay or onlay, you can look forward to enjoying a healthier, stronger smile for years to come.